General Conditions of Service


1. I Do Art c.c., 5/7 Burakowska Str., 01-066 Warszawa, etc., called later I DO ART provides services for persons and institutions called later THE CLIENT

2. Orders should be delivered to the Studio at 5/7 Burakowska, Warszawa, or e-mailed

3. I DO ART prepares a budget and sets a completion date basing upon the received order. The budget is valid 10 days from the date of making it and presenting to THE CLIENT.

4. I DO ART takes an order after acceptance of the budget and the completion date by THE CLIENT. An agreement between I DO ART and THE CLIENT is signed immediately after accepting an order.

5. I DO ART carries out orders in a right and proper way.

6. THE CLIENT delivers initial materials: files, pictures, engravings, paintings, etc.

7. THE CLIENT decides on the specification of the order: formats, papers, frames, color schemes, etc.

8. THE CLIENT is obliged to deliver initial materials to the Studio or by e-mail 3 days before the agreed date of starting the work at the latest.

9. If THE CLIENT and I DO ART don’t agree differently, I DO ART is not obliged to correct the initial materials delivered by THE CLIENT.

10. I DO ART is not responsible for materials delivered by THE CLIENT that have been prepared at variance with the instruction of I DO ART.

11. I DO ART declares to complete the order on time set in the agreement between THE CLIENT and I DO ART

12. The time limit can be change when THE CLIENT orders additional works and/or changes the specification, and also in the case of an equipment failure or a major force.

13. The receipt of the work is confirmed by a delivery protocol. THE CLIENT checks if the order is completed according to the agreement, and whether the material isn’t damaged. Any faults should be described by THE CLIENT in the delivery protocol. When a defective item is delivered by a courier, THE CLIENT is obliged to write the protocol mentioning all damages in the presence of the courier.

14. If it isn’t agreed differently, THE CLIENT declares to receive the completed work in the Studio at Burakowska Str., Warszawa in 14 days from at the latest after the day of completion the order. After that date, I DO ART makes the delivery protocol, and the work is regarded as received without any complaints of THE CLIENT.

15. I DO ART doesn’t provide a transportation, unless it’s decided differently in the agreement. A transportation isn’t insured, unless it’s decided differently in the agreement. All the arrangements regarding transportation and insurance are set by the written or e-mailed agreement.

16. THE CLIENT pays in 14 days after the receipt of the order. Before the completion of the payment, I DO ART reserve the right to own the piece of work which is the subject of the agreement, according to the Article 589 of the Civil Code.

17. VAT is added to a remuneration for an I DO ART work according to the agreement.

18. THE CLIENT pays all the costs of the transportation, insurance, customs and the other payments connected with the transportation.

19. Any other conditions of payment, including advance payments, are set and described in the agreement between I DO ART and THE CLIENT.

20. I DO ART gives a warranty for a completed order according to the law and the General Conditions of Service.

21. A delivery protocol including a detailed description of any fault is the basis of any complaint.

22. I DO ART’s responsibility for any physical damage and/or incorrect done work is limited to the value of the entrusted material.

23. I DO ART claims that making the ordered work doesn’t violates rights and ownership of any third part.

24. In the case of a third party claims against I DO ART, I DO ART declares to bear all costs of a trial including indemnities and compensations.

25. Any cases which are not regulated by the above General Conditions are submitted to the Polish Law, and all arguments will be solved by a court competent for the registered office of I DO ART.