pictures, engravings, paintings and exhibits of untypical (non-standard) shapes and dimensions.
Design and production of frames made out of solid wood in all required dimensions.
We also offer carefully selected ready-made wooden and aluminum frames produced by leading manufacturers from Poland, Germany and Portugal, and a large selection of passé-partouts, glass-panes and grounds. We have a long-experienced carpenter and a designer trained in a reputable design studio in Utrecht who work for us.


Solid wood frames
Straight and box frames made of beech and oak wood. Our wood meets restrictive requirements. It’s seasoned, so it achieves suitable hardness and it’s so long-lasting as our prints.
Frames are designed in the studio after arrangements with our customer, then they are made in our carpenter’s shop. We gladly advise you the kind of wood, parameters of depth, processing and finishes. We offer raw, waxed, varnished and stained frames, painted with any color.
Choice of solid wood frames give us a chance to design them in every detail.


Ready-made wooden frames.
We provide the highest quality ready-made wooden frames made by leading manufacturers from Poland, Germany and Portugal. Thanks to the careful selection and our long-standing experience, we offer durable and masterfully worked out frames.


Aluminum frames.
They are discrete. Light and safe. We offer matt and shiny frames in a rich diversity of colors.


Glass panes.
Glass protects artworks from physical damage. We’ll ready in helping you to make a proper choice, offering high quality float type panes from 2mm to 10mm thick.
Antireflective panes (2mm and 3mm) eliminate “the mirror effect” and work good in a sunny place.
Tempered glass panes are recommended for big formats. They are shock-resistant so they protect artworks during a transportation.
Museum-quality panes (the largest format – 152,5cm x 101,5cm reduce light reflection, so they are in favor at exhibitions. UV filter effectively prevent ageing of photographs.


We offer a full range of colors. Cardboards of various thickness are cut according to your orders. Maximum dimension of an archive cardboard is 152cm x 256 cm.


Mounting boards
We readily advise you the choice of board.


is a multilayer aluminum plate with a perfectly smooth surface. It is the most rigid of all boards and characterizes by great endurance. It can also be used as a back panel for full frames. What’s more, you can stick a print to Dibond without additional framing; that makes a nice minimalistic effect. We provide two colors of Dibond: black and white, 2mm and 3mm thick.


We offer the best foam plate in the market: Kapa Plast. It’s light and rigid. Useful for big formats. However, it’s not an archival material. There are two kinds of foam: 5mm and 10mm thick. The largest format is 140cm x 300cm.


We provide non-acid cream-colored cardboards for archival purposes. Maximum format is 152cm x 256cm.


Plexiglass and PCV is also offered.


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